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Fantail 217

Most boat builders offer speed. When these electric boats were designed, the Canadian Electric boat company had more sophisticated pleasure in mind. We wanted to enable you to truly relax and appreciate the scenery with your family and friends on your electric boat.

CBEC’s rental edition boats are designed to compete with the state of the art types of rental electric boats.

The rental edition has been designed to save the user from any maintenance. All real wood component has been substituted by composite material. This places our boats in the higher spectrum of the market, but still within a competitive price range. No other electric boat manufacturer offers such features at this competitive price.

Fantail 217 electric boat is inspired by the graceful Fantail Launches that have sailed the Thames and the Hudson River and wild Canadian lakes for more than a century: a truly remarkable craft. Fantail 217 can accommodate up to ten guests and will surely attract attention wherever you dock. The Fantail is silent, non-polluting, easy to handle, low maintenance and inexpensive to operate. A recharge for a 110V (220V for Europe) outlet for a few pennies is all that is needed to enjoy up to 10 hours of safe boating. All CEBC’s boats are equipped standard with a battery indicator.

The Fantail 217 features a Seamark canopy roof that not only protects from the sun and rain but can also be easily lowered to serve as a tonneau cover when the boat is stored or towed. Zippered roof openings are provided on both sides for easy in-and-out access. Ample storage space is available under decks and seat benches.