High Quality Electric Boats

Our boats are proudly handmade in Canada with high-quality components and materials.

You won’t find any Duffy electric boats here, we only have the fastest and unique Canadian Electric Boats in stock.

Our electric boats for sale section contains new and pre-owned electric boats at the best prices available on the market.

When you’re looking for a pre-owned electric boat for sale, CEBC’s boats are the best choice you can make!

With decades of electric boat design and building experience, we restore any pre-owned boat to like-new conditions.

Why are second hand CEBC electric boat a great rebuy?

  • All our pre-owned electric boats have been submitted to complete inspection tests.
  • The engineering of our electrics boats is fairly simple and makes them easy to reliably inspect before acquisition.
  • Canadian Electric Boats are built using only premium electric components and guarantees the overall electric system durability and reliability.
  • The fiberglass and infused fiberglass Hull used in our electric boat models is incredibly solid and resistant. The Canadian Electric Boats offer a lifetime warranty* which makes them a sure bet when it comes to comparing with any competing company on the market.
  • Canadian Electric Boats have way less components to inspect. They are built with premium quality electric motor companies that withstand the test of time.
  • The daily commercial use of our boats in our different partnered rental centers has proven the quality of our vessels and their low maintenance needs.
  • CEBC’s boats are easy to operate for any captain.

Canadian electric boat vs popular electric boats

SpecificationPopular electric boatsCEBC electric boats
Weight average4315 lbs2000 lbs
ConstructionLaminated Fiberglass + 1000 lbs of concreteFiberglass and Fiberglass infusion
Number of batteries16 batteries8 batteries
EngineHigh Amp Power RudderTorqeedo Pod System for Salt Water
Top Speed6 mph9 mph limited
Range ( at 6 mph )6.5 hours9 hours
Turning radius20 feet5 feet
Emergency stop
( lag time between forward and revers )
15 sec3 sec
Yearly maintenance2500$300$
Draft29 inches13 inches
Electric Boats lifetime garantee Electric Boats lifetime garantee

Buying a CEBC boat is a pledge to innovation and high-quality products.
Enjoy cutting edge electric propulsion systems from renowned manufacturers around the world .

We Ship boats all over the world.

Shipping rates are different for each country. Feel free to contact us directly to get an exact quote on the selected boat and receive a detailed quote.

There’s a variety of locations around the world where sea trials are available:

  • Quebec and Ontario province in Canada,
  • Cape Coral Florida USA,
  • Newport Beach California USA,
  • Vigneux de la Bretagne France,
  • Oxfordshire UK.

Want to try one of our electric boat for sale?

Contact our representatives to receive time and locations for a trial of the boat you wish to buy. Click here for more details on our different locations.